Beanstalk’s Git CDN (a.k.a. world domination)

Posted on August 13, 2013 by Chris Nagele Chris Nagele

The biggest downside of running (and using) a hosted service is latency. When it comes to version control, this is an even larger problem considering the size of each transaction and the distributed nature of teams today. Our customers are not just from the U.S., Europe or Asia, they have teams spread out around the entire world. Simply moving their repos to servers closest to their main office is not an option, it has to be fast for everyone.

After a lot of testing and hard work, I am extremely proud to announce the Beta of Beanstalk’s Git CDN.

This new, globally distributed architecture will automatically route you to a Git server in your region, drastically improving the speed of Git operations for you and your team. For instance, our customers in Australia will hit a server in Australia or APAC. Our customers in Europe will be able to push and pull to a cluster in Europe. This means less issues and much lower latency as you use Beanstalk.

This feature is currently in private beta as we get more people to test it. If you are located outside of the US or have a remote team, please fill out our form to apply for the beta. Once we feel comfortable with the new infrastructure we will open it up publicly.

As a hosted service with a global customer base it is extremely important that we maintain performance for everyone. This is a huge step in that direction and something we’ve wanted to do for a long time. Both Dima and Russ on the team really nailed it.